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Why WordPress

What is WordPress?

A publishing platform that allows anyone to publish web pages online. There are two platform types : and For those who are new to WordPress there is often much confusion on the differences between the two, and why you would use one over the other.  The main difference between the two is who hosts your website or blog. is a free hosting platform, but with quite a few limitations. You do have the ability to pay to upgrade your site for added functionality and features. You are provided with a limited amount of free Themes. Most importantly your site is owed and maintained by is a free/open source self-hosted platform where you or your developer install the WordPress software on your hosted web server. This platform allows the developer full control of the software for customizations in order to build robust mobile responsive websites. You are the owner of your website on this platform and in full control.

Juicy Designers develops websites using the platform


WordPress Most Popular CMS Worldwide

Powering more than 24% of online websites, WordPress has easily become the favorite go to content management system (CSM). It’s a user friendly. With it’s intuitively designed backend dashboard  novice users can quickly learn to easily write and update content on their websites without the need of using any code.

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Who Uses WordPress?

There are Fortune 500 companies, famous blogs, celebrities, news and music sites that use WordPress.

Here’s just a small list of well known WordPress blogs that you may or may not be familiar with:

News Outlets: The New York Times’s blogs , CNN Blogs, Chicago Sun Times

Celebrities: LL Cool, Anderson Cooper 360 , Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Maya Angelou

Entertainment: BBC America,,

To view more WordPress sites for your design inspiration go to: WordPress Showcase