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What Is Social Media Marketing 

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Did you know that it’s been proven that consumers hate to be sold to and they are more likely to purchase from trusted friends and/or advisers.

Through the use of Social Media Marketing as direct communication to your target market SMM provides a story about your brand which helps to engage and convert consumers into customers . Happy customers  are willing to share your brand with their family and friends.

Social Media Marketing for business connects businesses to consumers in a more informal way allowing marketers to share content all over the globe in just seconds. Through strategic targeting marketers can increase and drive traffic to your business website.

Benefits Of Social Media

What AreThe Benefits of SocialMedia Marketing

Increase exposure and brand awareness

Provides insights about your targeted audience/consumer/market

Allows consumers to reach out directly to brand for rapid response

Provide brand instant feedback good or bad

Keep track of your competition so you can improve your bottom line

 Allows Consumers to know your brand, builds trust, turns leads in to sales

Add value perception and relevancy to your brand


Social Media Marketing can be a time consuming project to develop and let’s not forget about the management of daily content posting that’s required in order for your business to start, grow and maintain it’s social media presence

If you can’t spare the time to develop and manage your own social media strategy

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Social Media Process


Research, review and document your business, website, current social presence, determine competitors and target audience




Based on Discovery, create a complete Social Media Strategy and project plan that defines social business goals and objectives



Campaign Execution

Execute defined Social Media Strategy to ensure hits to targeted marks. Daily posts to social sites (*1 to 3 posts per day, 5 days per week based on selected package)


Analysis & Reporting

Overview of executed campaign and adjustments to the project plan based on results, identify executed campaign activity across social circles and marketing channels to determine greater social insights for future campaigns